WSD develop a new rotary die cutting machine

Our universal, modular cutting system is the solution for all your needs regarding cutting, perforating, creasing and embossing. The machine series Rotarcut has a lot of technical refinements, for instance it convices by a gripper-less, patented paper feed.

Due to the moveable feeder it is possible to attach a conveyer, this allows the machine to be positioned behind, for example, a digital Printer.

Depending on the type of machine, it is possible to post process sheets of 52 cm x 52 cm. The machine has a capacity to cut 3.600 sheets per hour.

Customers can configure the delivery systems to their own wishes and needs. Via a vibrating table over a pile delivery or a shed delivery system, everything is possible. The principle of the pinching unit is based on two cylinders:

- Magnetic cylinder,

with the use of a magnetic carrier it is very easy to mount tools, without the need for an additional locking mechanism.

Accurate positioning of tools is achieved with the use of positioning marks on the cylinder. Combining the magnetic carrier and punching tools manufactured by WSD guarantees a perfect repeatable result each and every time.

- Impression cylinder,

by using our different protection foils, the tools will achieve a longer running time. The Rotarcut is able to cut, kiss-cut, perforate, crease and emboss.

For more Information you can download the technical data here.